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The new documentary by Secret Key Activator Productions The Unmasking

Presented over 7 series, we will take you where no other documentaries dare to go?

Since the fall of man, after the great deluge, the human race has been in total disharmony, on every level that you could possibly,


Knowledge has been taken away from the masses and given to a very select few…….

In the 1960’s spiritual leaders, priests, and some secret society organisations, from around the world, decided in unison, to lift the veil of secrecy and to shine light back into the darkness of ignorance.

Time to give it back….Knowledge is POWER!.

Knowledge is knowing…where the ledge is… So you don’t fall down……

Our true history, which has suffered 2,000 years of corruption.

It will not take that long to expose those lies that we hold as truths today, what will take time is the rebuilding of the belief structures of this planet as we begin to realize the enormity of the knowledge held by our ancient ancestors, one that was so cruelly taken from us…

The Crop Circle Phenomena Answered-

The crop circle phenomena, in my mind, are another form of consciousness manipulation of the mindset of those desirous of an ‘intervening Saviour’, that will redeem us from the horrific future we all now foresee. I struggle with the idea of ‘alien intervention’ or ‘earth energies’ producing the mathematically precise geometries that have appeared over the past 25 years. As a geometer, I know how difficult and time-consuming just drawing these constructs on paper becomes, let alone the surveying skills and time required to lay them out in a landscape. They are far too complex and intricate for the guys from the pub to produce with boards and string in the few hours of darkness they have in summertime. Some folks have claimed to have seen glowing orbs flying around fields in the darkness and producing crop circles as they passed… one YT video shows this in action, but could be, and likely is, fake.

However, there is a recorded and published anomaly that has been seen at many sites. This was the unusual phenomena of stray stalks remaining upright when all around them were flattened… in every case the upright stalk was of a different species to the main crop. Eg; a barley stalk in a wheat field, or vice versa..the result of a stray seed in the original planting.

All the information I have indicates that, in each crop circle, the bend in the stalk occurs at the first knuckle-joint above the ground, which appears to observers to have ‘burst open’ as the stalk was bent. There has been no explanation offered for this phenomena. However, that doesn’t account for the stray stalks from a different crop, unless the process is generated by a frequency-specific microwave or laser beam that can be programmed to the specific, and calculable, resonant frequency of the knuckle-joint of the target crop at that stage of its growth. The beam can also be programmed to draw precisely the specific diagram of the crop circle without error, in quite short time, with a number of pre-programmed passes which heat and disrupt the stalk, causing it to fall in a chosen direction. This technique is virtual identical to stage laser shows, which produce images from a single laser source deflected by a rapidly moving mirror run by a computer program.

Obviously, if that were the case, the stray stalks, which would have a different resonant frequency to the main crop, would be untouched and left standing. Problem solved, other than deciding where the laser platform is and whose agenda it’s operating on… I’ll leave that up to you to decide… but I’ll tell you there’s been several set precisely on the 33º between Stonehenge and Avebury, one of them having 33 ‘loops’ around its perimeter. So I’m pretty sure the perpetrators aren’t aliens or angels… since the 33º ISN”T a resonance… it’s a man-made ley, used as a metaphorical mathematical transition into the π Grid system, which SH and Avebury provide, being key frequency markers for the resonant system. So if you want to point a finger… look up …

Watch the video- The Unmasking 5

The Flat Earth Theory is Disinformation-

I think this whole debate has been conjured up by our Disinfo friends trying to screw with folk’s heads.

The flat contradicts the pyramid’s model of precession of the equinoxes. There’s also the problem of Canopus moving below the horizon at Giza and successive capitals moving south over time to keep it on the horizon, as the equinoctial marker.

There is also Spherical Earth cabalistic geometry and spherical navigation which still works for everyone and how geo synchronous satellites stay in place without Newtonian physics?

The Bedford Level Experiment– Is a series of observations carried out along a six-mile length of the Old Bedford River on the Bedford Level, Norfolk, England, during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

It was an attempt to determine the shape of the Earth. Early results seemed to prove the Earth to be flat, but later attempts to reproduce the observations firmly support that the Earth is a sphere.

The observed target was seen at 6.5 miles, from which they claimed that the 5.5 mile ‘limit’ was debunked. They forgot about atmospheric refraction, which is why we see the sun 5 minutes before it actually comes over the horizon and why the Giza pyramids are 0.028º south of 30ºN… so as to correct for refraction and record a true astronomical 30ºN. Plus… all the math at Giza is describing spherical geometry, from the Masters.

Simple physics says that if the Earth was flat so would we be… maybe we are, but since it’s all illusion anyway, how would we ever know if all of our agreed perception, 3D, wasn’t the illusion.?

You tube Comment we made-

Come On Guys and gals , do not let the flat earth theories divide us. When Google pushes a subject onto people, better get suspicious…… Flat Earthers, eh? Not one of them has any practical scientific or historical knowledge to back up their idiotic claims. Field McConnel (Abel Danger) will tell you that at 60,000ft you can see the curvature of the Earth quite clearly. Every day I watch a house that’s 9.5 miles from mine, across the water, disappear as the tide rises. I’m at 54ft elevation and they’re at 24ft elevation. They’re either getting very wet twice a day or the flat Earth theory is bollocks. The Bedford experiment was disproved long ago because they hadn’t accounted for refraction and the Egyptians AND their predecessors from Atlantis were navigating on a spherical Earth, which the Rhind Mathematical Papyrus demonstrates quite perfectly. They had even calculated the difference between the polar and equatorial diameters to the inch, and the different measures between each degree of latitude on the oblate Earth. The historical ‘belief’ that the Earth was flat is a myth, nothing more, stemming from Roman Catholic propaganda in the Middle-Ages. The Portalano Maps (Piri Reis) also encode bearings on a globe with narrowing longitudes. The star Canopus (Canoptic Jars) – the ‘Southern Anchor’, was the sacred star of Egypt, which slowly moved south over the horizon as the processional cycle changed the angle to the Milky Way. The capitals of Egypt moved south over time to keep it in view, sitting on the southern horizon at the Equinox. At the time of the building /completion of the Pyramids at Giza it was seen sitting on the top of Gebel Ghibli, south of the Sphinx, one hour before Equinox sunrise. 1,000 years later it couldn’t be seen from Giza, hence the rebuilding of new cities and temples further south.

Watch the full video-

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Holographic-Disclosure 7 ( Edited Version)This is the edited version with all references to the software recommendations taken out . People have accused me of making the 5 Hour + productions to sell a software (laughable).

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Nuclear war fear mongering


Man-made ETs in the United States and Australia.

The human hologram has 5 senses but in fact it has dozens of senses.

Tattooing, piercing and cosmetic surgery.

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